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The Business Lawyers Association of the Republic of Serbia is a professional, non-profit organization founded on December 23, 1992. It was first established as the Business Lawyers Association of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, then it changed its label to the Business Lawyers Association of Serbia and Montenegro and as of December 22, 2006 the organization exists under the name of the Business Lawyers Association of the Republic of Serbia. The Business Lawyers Association is established as an association of citizens with no time-limit. It was founded by the lawyers practicing business law (22 of them), the representatives of the federation of Business lawyers association of Serbia and the Business lawyers association of Montenegro.

The Association is filed within the Register of associations, social and political organizations held by the Ministry of public administration and local self-governance on the registration sheet 4008 under the filing number 11445.

Statute of the Association

Goals and Objectives

The association seeks to achieve the following goals and objectives:

  • To gather and to organize business lawyers and direct their work towards achieving ever more successful results;

  • To familiarize business lawyers with the latest developments in the field of business law and to keep them up-to-date with new economic regulations;

  • To promote legal practice as well as the role and mission of lawyers in different kinds of business organizations and to protect the dignity of the lawyers profession;

  • To cooperate with chambers of commerce, State organs, universities and other organizations with the purpose of improving the quality of draft business regulations and usages;

  • To encourage the setting up of a new system of business law, the harmonization of the domestic law with the EU law and the development of business ethics;

  • To support the modernizing of law schools' curricula by introducing new business law disciplines.

The Association shall achieve its goals and objectives:

  • By organizing expert meetings, conferences, lectures and other forms of gatherings,

  • By regularly publishing the ”Law and Economy“ journal,

  • By taking initiative for adopting new regulations in the field of economy,

  • By cooperating with other societies and associations on finding solutions to various problems of business law.


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