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During twenty-seven years of its existence, the Business Lawyers Association of Serbia has not only organized annual conferences of business lawyers and published ”Law and Economy“ journal, but it has also organized working meetings aimed at defining future activities of the Association, regional professional conferences aimed at helping business lawyers implement new business regulations, as well as different forms of gatherings aimed at sharing experiences regarding the implementation of the Law on business organizations (earlier: Law on enterprises), laws on financial markets and labour relations.

A good example of the Association’s dynamic activity is the seminar about the Law on business organizations. This seminar was organized in late December 2004 at the Belgrade Faculty of Law and it lasted for two days. Here is an excerpt from the report about this event, published in the third issue of Acta diurna, the bulletin of the Faculty of Law:

The importance of the topic and the reputation of the participants of the seminar drew a couple of hundreds of lawyers from the whole country to the Amphitheater V of the Faculty of Law. It is beyond any doubt that an additional reason for participation at this event was the presentation of the Guide to reading the Law on Business organizations, prepared by Professor Mirko Vasiljević, who took part in drafting of the Law. This Guide served as a working material for the seminar. Alongside the professors of our Faculty, the members of the working presidency were also Professor Vitomir Popović, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Law in Banja Luka, Professor Aleksandar Ćirić, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Law in Niš and Professor Radovan Vukadinović, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Law in Kragujevac. The seminar was opened by the Dean of the Belgrade Faculty of Law and the president of the Business Lawyers Association of Serbia and Montenegro, Professor Mirko Vasiljevic. Professor Vasiljevic was at the same time the editor of the seminar. After hearing this welcoming address, the participants proceeded with the analysis of the main topics. Professor Vasiljević outlined the main ideas of the new law, presented the reasons for its enactment and analyzed the fundamental changes made in the new law, especially regarding the structure of this act. He stated that the main characteristics of the Law are: harmonization with the EU law, complete regulation, flexibility and possibility to make options, improvement of corporate governance, improvement of minority shareholders’ rights, sophisticated solutions, transparency of open societies, transitional status of State-owned and public enterprises, coordination with other laws, modern and liberal conception. Professor Vasiljević concluded his address by stressing that the success of the new law would depend on several factors. The first decisive element is the way in which the new law would be implemented by commercial courts and business organizations. The second factor is the education of all the subjects engaged in business activities, as well as their legal and social awareness and credibility of institutions. Many renowned professors (Miodrag Zec, Zoran Arsić, Zoran Tomić, Dragor Hiber, Nebojša Jovanović, Radovan Vukadinović, Boško Živković and Aleksandra Jovanović), judges of the Supreme court (Dragiša Slijepčević and Dragica Marjanović), Jelisaveta Vasilić (retired judge of the High commercial court), Mihailo Rulić (chief justice of the High commercial court), Boško Mijatović, PhD (economist), Miroslav Paunović (attorney at law) and Nikola Zelić (consultant) also took the floor. The seminar was concluded by an open discussion during which the participants had the opportunity to receive further information on the new law from the speakers and the editor of the Conference. This meeting received outstanding media coverage and all the participants unanimously concluded that the quality of the conference was very high.

Other conferences were dedicated to papers and discussions about the Law on privatization, Law on insolvency proceedings, Law on foreign investments and other relevant legal acts.


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